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Review from Heavycore.org:
Jan. 8th, 2003 - Driven - Crush demo (review by Pete)
“Here's a metal band out of Utah - so you have to give them some points just for surviving in that scene! These guys are old school metal to the bone, combining styles of many who have come before. I was extremely impressed with the guitar player Jim Felt, who blasted out many scorching solos - a dying art in the metal world these days.
The production on this demo is good, and the cover art is cool. I think the drum sound kicked ass and kept a solid foundation throughout the CD. The vocals were strong, and kept in the mid range like old Paul Dianno of Iron Maiden. It was a good compliment to the style of the band, which draws from the wave of great 80's metal.
The title track, "Crush" was a true crowd pleaser and you can imagine these guys must put on a good show live. The songs were memorable and would be good sing alongs at a gig. Definitely check these guys out if you dig good old school stuff with tasty guitar solos and true to their school melodies that ring in your head for a while.”
DRIVEN has also had some local radio airplay on various stations, some of which are: 88.1 FM KWCR The Edge; Channel 105.7 FM KCPX Homegrown; and K-UTE Student Radio, as well as various internet stations: http://www.heavymetalradio.net/
As well as local radio, DRIVEN has also been featured on the cover of the Junction Magazine, a local publication.

Driven - Crush
Posted on April 2, 2003 at 06:02:22 PM by quizfalga
  Hard slamming metal, double bass drum out your ears, wah bass, and good production on 98% of the song.
Pros: For hard-hitting metal this is a pretty good song. I don't like metal AT ALL but I know that for this style of music they pull it off well. The musicians in the group are all talented and as a whole the band is tight. The vocals are great, The guitars are hard hitting and unified; moving in the same direction. Parts are fast, heavy, and loud... everything you need for metal. I was impressed by the production. All instruments are clean and well EQ'd. They represent there live sound which should hopefully be a musicians goal when they're laying tracks.
Overall: 9 (of 10)

The Rolling RocHaus Presents Our Own Reviews
DRIVEN™ IS WELL NAMED. From the Alpha to the Omega they are steadfast all the way with the nicely implanted exceptional exceptions of some well-structured chorus'. A few excellent examples of DRIVEN's™ many talents may be heard via their CD "CRUSH". For the title track "CRUSH", DRIVEN uses some type of modern electronic toy to create an instrumental sound I've never heard before nor can I place. Its cool and the tune moves. As hokey as it may sound, DRIVEN's™ "CRUSH" is HARD DRIVEN & UNIQUELY CRUSHING!
But that is just the beginning! DRIVEN's™ "GOOD BYE" is a well written tune that contains excellent examples of the aforementioned exceptional exceptions. I take notes while reviewing and my notes for DRIVEN's "GOODBYE" are two words... "PROGRESSIVE PUNCH!" Then there's DRIVEN's™ "FOOL". From the first note, DRIVEN™ drives this one home with powerful tight hits, kicks, pics & punches. Drummer/Vocalist Ken Sims in orchestration with Bassist/Vocalist Tom Browning are "IN" from the get-go. As with all of DRIVEN's™ tunes Guitarist/Vocalist Jim Felt is dialed in extraordinarily well, Jim RIPS! But the best surprise herein is Vocalist Jack Eastman as he comes clean with Halford pitches that WILL leave many Bands envious and their groupies' panties drenched!
And the last but not least of tunes for this review is DRIVEN's™ "KILL THE KILLER!" Talk about olympic level figure & speed skating on Memory Lane but not breaking the fine ice line or falling in. I started thinking about a home video I made using Apocalypse Now's scene of invading Charlie's Point with Air Cavalry as sound-tracked to Metallica's “Creeping Death”! DRIVEN's™ "KILL THE KILLER" is the first Martial content tune I've heard in years that I would consider classing with early Mustaine.
In short, DRIVEN™ isn't worth just listening to, like every other artist I review, their works are worth signing! Despite trace elements of influences DRIVEN™ is an Original Band of Artists on their way UP the Ladder of Success! If I were to gauge DRIVEN™ I would advise you to get all the grandparents with heart disease as far away as possible, set up your wall of 18's and CRANK IT to 10!