Jack Eastman,

Lead Vocals, Percussion, Song Writer


About Jack Eastman


 Jack has always had a love for music. As far back as he can remember music has made a big

impression in his life. Jack started playing music over 30 years ago,

going over to his cousin's house and messing around on his cousin's drum set. He soon realized

he was a natural at the drums. He taught himself to play and he soon started playing in several miscellaneous bands.  At age 23 he was in a band called Spellbinder. They were about to head to Seattle to seek fame,

but they had no vocalist. So as he sat through many auditions, Jack realized there were not many great singers around.

So he thought "what the hell!" He gave it a shot and everyone said "holy shit! you should sing."

From that point forward Jack was the lead vocalist in many bands. Jack has played more live shows

and spent more time in the studio than he can remember, (Jim Beam is to blame for some of that memory loss!)

Jack has become a seasoned musician over the years in bands like Spellbinder, Peasant, Stonegroove, Achilles

Last Stand (A Zepplin cover band) and Driven to name a few.

Jack has had the privilege to be in the band that won the Battle of the Bands in 2001. Jack has been on the road, on the radio,and had several critic write ups about some of his bands.


Jack has been in three different Bands that were offered record deals, but for reasons better left unsaid they did not happen.

Jack has had the honor to bump elbows with some great people such as Iron Maiden, Jason Bonham, LA. Guns, and Judas Priest to name a few.

One of Jacks highlights was his on 26th Birthday. He was able to meet and party with all of the boys from Iron Maiden and Anthrax.  It was the end of a world tour that finished right here in Salt Lake City, Man what a night! Jack says. "I'll never forget it! The pizza delivery guy was still there partying when I left."

Jack had given up Music for a while, He says, "I  just got tired of all the Bullshit!  Attitudes, DRUGS, AND MORE DRUGS!  Seeing how Jack did not do drugs it ended up being more than he could tolerate. Then around
Februaty of 2012 Jack's friend Brian Mattson called him and said,  "Hey man let's do this!" Jack did not even have to think about it. Jack says "Brian is such a great song writer and Greg Cook is a outstanding guitarist. What was there to think about?  There is so much talent between the three of us."

"I believe we are going to create some amazing music", Jack says, "I'm glad to be a part of Tears Of Fire, as long as people want to hear what we do we will continue to do it!  Even if no one wants to listen, we just love what we do!"