Greg Cook,

Guitars,Song Writer

About Greg Cook

Greg Cook had a very early interest in music. By age 6 he was already having dreams, envisioning him playing guitar on stage. He started playing guitar in elementary school and his parents obtained his 1st instrument in 4th grade, at the age of 9. Public school lessons soon didn't suffice and Greg was given private lessons.

After some 3 months the private teacher told Greg's father that there was nothing more he could teach the boy. When 11 years old, Greg received his 1965 Stratocaster, the main guitar he still plays. At 15 he made his first studio recording. His interest in guitar had developed into practicing 10 hours per day as he grew up.

Boston, Kansas, Van Halen, and Pink Floyd influenced Greg. He played in the jazz band throughout junior high and high school. He then played in several cover bands and moved to Seattle in his mid-twenties to play his first original, progressive rock band named Shokra. In over 10 years with Shokra Greg did several recordings and taught lessons to many students who heard him and begged him to teach them as well.

Greg recently moved to Ogden, Utah to play in his 2nd original band, Illusions Edge, which formed in 2005. This band capitalized on Greg's perfect pitch and the life force that flowed into their music, a gift that began in the dreams of a small boy.

Through Illusions Edge, Greg has the continuing pleasure of working with fellow musicians Brian Mattson and Jack Eastman forming the band Tears Of Fire. With Brian’s amazing writing ability and Jack’s incredible vocals,

Greg has now matured into a master of inborn music, composed in his heart before his fingers ever touch the strings of his beloved guitar.


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