Brian Mattson,

Song writer,Guitars,keyboards,Bass,Vocals


About Brian Mattson


Brian Mattson grew up in the San Francisco, California area.  He started writing songs at age 5.  Amazing his parents with his writing ability, they enrolled him into piano lessons which evolved into his true love – the electric guitar.


At age 15, Brian started the rock group, “Renegade” and they played for sold out shows across the region.  Brian's song writing ability has won radio and battle of the band contests as well as an offer to play on a national television show. Brian's song, Vampire Nights, claims the title “Fan Favorite” on the CW website for the Television Show, Vampire Diaries.


Brian's music career got serious when he formed the band, “Voyager”.  The songs Brian wrote for “Voyager” got some high profile interest from producers to people in the Journey organization, which helped open the door into CBS records.  Brian dealt with Jamie Cohen, then director over A&R West Coast, as well as Ron Overman of CBS for over four years.


Brian has recorded in some of the top studios in the industry like Plant Studios, Record Lab, L.A. East, and Pharoah Heart Records. He has worked with engineers and producers that have worked with Journey, Def Leopard, Huey Lewis and The Almost. 


In 2006, Brian formed the band Shokkra. This is when destiny allowed him to meet guitarist, Greg Cook and vocalist, Jack Eastman.  Brian, Greg and Jack started their own project years later with a new band name, Tears of Fire. The results have been incredible.  From the high energy guitar solos of Cook to the emotional and moving vocals of Eastman, Brian's unique writing ability and musicianship paired with his band members has caught lightning in a bottle.  From the heart felt ballads of real life's emotions, to the heart pounding rock songs, take a journey with us.    – Brian



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